Happy New Year 2020

Krystine: Happy 2020 to all of our regular spa guests, Bay Club members and Blog friends. We at The Compass Spa are looking forward to all of the new and exciting things on the horizon during this new decade. This year we will be making some changes in our therapeutic offerings as well as updating some of our spa decor. The remodeled 806 and Bistro have sparked some enthusiasm around the Bay Club and it has been fun to watch the staff and members response to the new look. Phase two will include an updated lobby and the beginning of the updates in the spa. Stay tuned for the photo album on Instagram and Facebook. In March we will be co-hosting an incredibly fun event 3.20.20 Vintage Salon & Speakeasy... See our Events page to reserve your tickets now. Space is limited.

Again Best Wishes for Health & Happiness to all in 2020, we hope to see you soon

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Also we look forward to seeing you at this years Holistic Awareness Symposium on June 14th. See more information and pre-order tickets at www.2020HAS.us

Charlie: Bored already… All of the fun “stuff” that was around the house has been taken away. That tree that was next to the couch was lots of fun to climb around in and swat all of the shiny things hanging from the branches. The weather has been nice though and laying in the afternoon sunny spot where that tree was feels nice, even the dog lays there next to me. There has been alot going on around the house lately, both Mom was home for like a week (actually ony two days, but to a cat it is like a week ;) ) and it was nice getting the extra belly rubs and lap time. I heard Mom talking about some Dog Massage thing the other day, she gives Spooner a massage all of the time. Not sure what that is all about, but Cat Massage…now that is an idea I could get used to. I will have to work on this. For now I am content to sleep snuggled up in bed at night and rob the dog of as much attention as possible.

Send us some of your four legged holiday photos to share

#boredcats #FeelGoodFido #TuxedoCharlie

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