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It is critical to the health of your skin to consume plenty of fluids to combat dehydration, even in the winter months. Many people forget to drink their daily dose of water during the winter since they are not feeling hot ant thirsty (especially here in Florida where we get used to the humidity and usually welcome the cooler, dryer months). Although you may not feel thirsty, your skin is. And when you consider the constant fluctuation in temperature when transitioning from indoors to out, the need for extra fluids is unwavering. A protective, natural moisturizer is simply not enough to rescue your skin from the environment. You need hydration from the inside as well. Remember that your body processes fluid intake all day, everyday no matter the weather conditions. The internal functions pay little mind to the meteorologist reports and continue to perform according to metabolic needs. The human body needs H2O and perhaps even more during the winter. Consider that many people are less active (breaking a sweat less often), gathering more (holiday entertaining and remaining indoors), and simply less observant of their body (wrapped up in layers for warmth) during the winter. This can create a false sense of the bodys needs and we tend to ignore what is not obvious. A good rule of thumb is the standard 8-10 glasses of fresh water daily. I though, like to encourage people to bump that up during the winter to counter the extra consumption of alcohol, frequently less than ideal nutrition intake, reduction in physical activity and other various changes due to the colder climate. This, in addition to professional care with a proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing home-care routine, should maintain skins health and help prevent premature aging and environmental damage due to dehydration. It is a simple daily regimen and an excellent habit to develop for part of your overall internal and external health.

Happy , Healthy & Warm Winter To You All

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