Natural Body Care

  • All of our Therapeutic Treatments are Customized to suit Your Needs

  • We use Only Earth & Animal Friendly Skin Care Products

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Body Brasion

Resurfacing of the skin on your face is popular, but what about your body? Body-Brasion gives you the All-Over Glow and prepares the skin for a custom blended skin hydrating ampoule and lotion application. 70 minutes $155.

Body Contour Session

Precise actions target those "hard to tone" areas to break up fat deposits in the adipose tissue. This "deep" treatment stimulates lymphatic flow and is best when done in a weekly series. Consultation Required. 70 minutes $155

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Para-Fango Mud Cocoon

Release tension, skin toxins, dehydration & reshape the silhouette thru the thermal properties of natural paraffin wax and deep cleansing sea clay "mud", rich in plant extracts this extremely relaxing body service is the ULTIMATE body treatment. 80 minutes $165.  Add a optional Therapeutic Massage to Indulge and create a true Lux Experience.

VinoTherapy Body Scrub & Mask Duo

Benefits abound in this exfoliation and relaxing body wrap service. Grapes are good inside and out. Our special recipe lets your skin receive all the benefits of PACs. Grapeseed oil, Grape essence, Apple & Cranberry extracts are just a few of the beneficial ingredients used to feed your body with countless nutrients, to yield Luxuriously soft skin and it's Wonderfully relaxing too.

90 minutes $175.

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Organic Herbal Body Wrap

This natural body treatment is NOT A WATER LOSS WRAP. You will see immediate results and with regular treatments and responsible home care, excess waste is encouraged to be processed by stimulating lymph flow while relaxing in an ultra-warm aloe/herb cocktail spiked with aromatherapy. 60 minutes $155.