9am-4:30pm Registration / Vendor Showcase

Please proceed to the registration desk on the second floor of the Bay Club to receive your wrist band, event swag, raffle ticket and enter the Vendor Showcase. Presentations begin promptly at 10am

*Due to the Strange Reality that Covid 19 has created the Presentation Itinerary is Subject to Change

10am-4pm Presentations / Workshops

The "Sandwich Generation" and how their care taking may be assisted through proper implementation of Safe Natural Low THC/ THC free CBD products

Phytotanics Aromatherapy - Krystine Kuecha

Natural Products are crucial for overall personal and planet health. Find out how our Organic Essences & Synergies can benefit your body, skin and even your home...

TokSen Therapy - Arnaldo Velasquez

Thailand's Vibrational Therapy ... Tok Sen is an ancient Thai vibrational therapy that was originally taught to monks. Arnaldo explains the benefits while providing a hands on demo

AcroYoga - Allan 'Jantu' Kohler

How AcroYoga saved my life... What is acroyoga anyway?

Florida Aquarium - Eric Hovland

Associate Curator and all around guy in the know about all things marine life. Join Shark Guy for an informative presentation on Marine Consevration

Acupuncture and Natural Therapies, Qi Gong & Nutrition. Why Superfoods are Essential for Your Diet

Tap Into Your Magic - Miss Jen

Spiritual Gangster and Intuitive. Jens readings are sought by thousands for their fun lighthearted and inspirational message. Join Jen for some insight on your inner voice and spiritual messages.

The Martial Arts - John Giancarlo

John is an educator, healer and LMT who offers his insight and experience in the practice of Martial Art training and how this "Art" can create another healing channel in your life.

Neurosomatic Therapy - 

4pm Closing Ceremony & Live Raffle


9:00 - 4:30

Visit Our Vendors for Amazing Products and Support Local Businesses

If you are interested in a vendor table during this years HAS you may submit an inquiry here

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